Boill Australia Fund Management Pty Ltd (Boill Australia Fund Management) is an Australia registered company (ACN:601 688 911) which holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No.: 469103). Boill Australia Fund Management (formerly known as Pan Australia Fund Management Pty Ltd) was established in September 2014 and later joined Boill Holding Group (“Boill Group”) in 2016 as the Boill Group’s fund management platform in Australia.

Over the ensuing months, Boill Australia Fund Management will launch a range of fund investment products in the health care, resources, technology and property sectors that are open to our institutional and high-net-worth investors. Access to Boill Australia fund Management funds are restricted to those clients that meet the ‘wholesale’ client test under the Corporations Act 2001.

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ASIC number 469103 

Boill Property Cash Funtd

The Trustee will establish a series of funds called the Boill Property Investment Funds which will be offered to Wholesale Clients (the Platform).

The Cash Fund is the first Fund to be established on the Platform, which is the entry investment to the Platform.

Investors wishing to be able to participate in an investment in a future Property Investment Fund must firstly apply for, and hold, Cash Fund Units in the Cash Fund. An invitation to apply and subscribe for Investment Units in a future Property Investment Fund will only be available to investors holding Cash Fund Units in the Cash Fund.

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