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Construction Updates

02 August 2019

Until end of July, Builder Decode have been progressing very well with Magnolia’s structure (stage 2 will comprise of the 73 apartments ) which have been completed at top level 4 . Magnolia and Camellia are expected for completion in Q2 and Q3 of 2020 respectively and will deliver 149 apartments.

Magnolia(Stage 2)
The structure for Magnolia(Stage 2) has reached Level 4 with concrete poured and installation of reinforcement underway. Decode has now completed concrete slab pouring to level 4. For basement, Decode are progressing with services install and fit-outs of exhaust ducts, lighting, sprinklers and plumbing pipes, all external brick has been delivered on site.

Camellia (Stage 3)
Camellia’s basement are now under construction, 80% excavation work and 50% concrete slab of basement were completed, next steps will involve the preparation for the ground floor slab concrete pouring .It is expected the 50% basement construction up to ground floor slab will be completed middle of August.

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