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Peony Place Stage 1 of Boill (Aust) Pty Ltd settled successfully

17 August 2018

From July 19th to mid-August 2018, Boill (Aust) Pty Ltd successfully completed the inspection and settlement of Peony Place Stage 1 which located close to the new Bella Vista Station. Throughout the process, Boill turned its vision, ‘to be recognised as the most credible property developer by our customers and our peers’ into action and thus received unanimous praise from its customers.

The inspection week started from 19th July, 2018, and on 21st July 2018, Boill provided customers with freshly ground coffee, Australian barbecue and rainbow cupcakes. The warm coffee, colourful cupcakes and delicious barbecue made all customers wore smells like rainbow. Customers who finished their inspections were satisfied with the handover standard, and even the experienced sales agents said the handover standard was much more higher than those within the same region.

All representatives of the sales agents, the builder, and the strata management company and all employees of Boill participated during the inspection week. With the same aim of delivering the best services to their customers, all parties exchanged their views and plans for the incoming stage 2, 3 and 4.

The most touching thing was that our VIP customer who bought three apartments in stage 1, volunteered to make barbecues for everyone.

Recently, Australia’s two largest supermarket chains have begun to implement the ban on plastic bags in order to protect the ecological environment. Boill, which is committed to “create better lives”, is also an environmental pioneer and thus has tailored exquisite shopping bags for settled customers.

Now, Peony Place stage 1 has come to an end. Many buyers have already moved in after the key release. In the evening, the lighted building is like a star in the area, calling everyone back to their warm homes.

Boill, Create better lives!

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